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The Beginning of My Journey!!!

From the time I was a child I always had, what they call a "particular ear" for music. No matter the genre or time period, I could always relate to it. My family helped cultivate that love, being the youngest of six children and having a somewhat older mom, made for a very deep musical pallet. As a child I played the drums for a local church, learning all by ear. Life served me a few lemons and I found solace in music. I even tried being an rap artist as teenager. It wasn't until recently I decided to try to make a lifestyle of creating music. This lead to the birth of my company MAXIMIZE ENTERTAINMENT!

Me and my business partner have a clear vison of the direction of this company. We strive to leverage our creativity, loyalty, and leadership to help other artists express themselves. Maximize Entertainment is currently in its infancy but through your support. We will usher this company into a success by grinding and staying true to ourselves.

I will be using this blog section of my website to give you my opinion of different things in music, sports, culture and other HOT TOPICS!!!

I will close this post by telling each and every one of you reading this regardless how feel about me; Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Support the Maximize Entertainment movement!!!

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