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Meet The Maximize Entertainment President of Operations!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Hey folks this is me, your Co-Founder and President of Operations at Maximize Entertainment. I want take the time to say thank you for reading this blog post. If you are reading this then you are very special. You are on the ground floor of the content we hope to provide you with, here at Maximize Ent. Before we embark on this journey together, I want to provide you with a little history about myself. My love for music has its roots in gospel and rhythm and blues. This comes from being raised christian, and although I don't observe religion anymore, there is no denying my love for music started in the church. I come from a small and violent town, which led to me making some questionable (to say the least) decision making as a young man. This is what led to me betting on myself and going into business for myself. Me and my business partner have turned our love for music, sports, and culture into what we hope to build as Maximize Entertainment.

This blog was designed to help provide a platform for our supporters to interact with us and subscribe to our content. We also have a storefront featured on the website where you can shop our wide range (and ever evolving) line of merchandise. Coming soon we will have opportunities to book appointments, stream music and video, and other features we plan to rollout.

You can expect weekly updates from me regarding all things Maximize. I will give you my opinion on the business of music, film, and culture. The site is under constant maintenance and updates be sure to leave comments and subscribe to our content.

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